When $SEASY Airdrop ? Airdrop Now.

2 min readAug 31, 2022

StakeEasy will be airdropping $SEASY( Governance token) to $JUNO stakers & $SCRT stakers. The goal of the $SEASY airdrop is to reach the most active participants in the Cosmos ecosystem. Stakers are more likely to be more active than just token holders.

The Basics:

StakeDrop is a distribution mechanism which allows stakers of $JUNO & $SCRT tokens to acquire $SEASY.

A total of 12,000,000(12M) $SEASY tokens is allocated by StakeEasy as first StakeDrop rewards.

Yes, You’ve read it right!
But wait what, What is $SEASY token ?

$SEASY, StakeEasy’s Governance token which will give its holders a right to vote on proposed changes to the protocol. This is seen as a necessary step toward keeping StakeEasy within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, decentralized. The idea is that rather than a single person or group controlling, StakeEasy’s community can influence decisions in a process known as governance.

$SEASY’s Advantages:

  • Decentralization. $SEASY will allow developers to keep it decentralized. Without this type of governance structure in place, DeFi platforms would be only collections of smart contracts that no one could control.
  • Revenue sharing: $SEASY holders will also be sharing the protocol profits.
  • Voting Rights: $SEASY holders will have the right to vote on various decisions that will be held in the protocol. This feature enables the ecosystem to be more decentralized.
  • Community involvement. $SEASY will give community a reason to come together to help & improve the platform which will be more user friendly.

52% of total $SEASY will be distributed among the community as Community rewards + Ecosystem Development.

But Why Airdrop ?

The goal with an airdrop like this is to
1) Support decentralization.
2) Promote participation in governance.
3) Make sure this airdrop is as fair as possible.

NOTE: StakeEasy will never give any preferential treatment to anyone who’s eligible for this airdrop.

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