StakeEasy’s Integration with Osmosis!

2 min readSep 23, 2022

We are excited to announce our integration with Osmosis Zone
seJUNO is now available on Osmosis

Following pools have been incentivized with SEASY (StakeEasy’s governance token) According to the current TVL and SEASY rate:

  • seJUNO/OSMO with 1537% APR
  • seJUNO/JUNO with 1267% APR
  • SEASY/OSMO with 1601% APR

StakeEasy is a staking Derivative protocol for Juno Network in which users can stake their JUNO and get a cw-20 token seJUNO/ bJUNO in return.
Both the derivative tokens have different features and usage in DeFi which provide freedom for users to choose the one according to their preference.

Staking your JUNO with StakeEasy offers you with:

  1. Auto compounding staking rewards on seJUNO
  2. Validator diversification
  3. Liquid staking
  4. Various DeFi opportunities
  5. User Friendly UX and many more…

Osmosis is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange designed for the Cosmos ecosystem allowing investors to grow their crypto investments through a powerful yield farming strategy.
A key innovation within the Osmosis protocol structure is superfluid staking, which allows users to stake tokens (JUNO using StakeEasy) while simultaneously using them to provide assets (seJUNO) to a liquidity pool with osmosis. This means Osmosis users will receive reward fees associated with liquidity pool transactions. To that end, Osmosis provides a core DEX for the Cosmos ecosystem.

StakeEasy’s integration with Osmosis is sensational. Staking JUNO using StakeEasy has now opened the door for various exciting DeFi opportunities.

With amazing APRs for liquidity providers, Providing liquidity to the following pools is incentivized with $SEASY. Check here:

Provide liquidity to the market and receive swap fees from each trade on Osmosis plus LP rewards:
While Still earning the staking rewards.

Start with Staking your $JUNO today to start your journey at

Learn how to stake your $JUNO with StakeEasy:

Many more amazing things are on their way. Stay tuned for upcoming updates on our socials:




IBC enables Liquid staking protocol for cosmos ecosystem.